Bidding ending tonight!!

I have randomly chosen 11:00 p.m. tonight (Sunday, 12/6) as the end of bidding. I go to work early in the a.m. tomorrow, so it will likely be tomorrow night before I notify winners of what to do next.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT--Donors, bidders, and people who gave me auction tips!!!! Special thanks to my friends Donna and Morgan for all their advice on how to set this up. I couldn't have done it without you!


Item #23, small Hello Kitty Magnet

Hello Kitty is all about friendship, fun, love, and sticking to your fridge, computer, car, or anywhere else metal! : ) Cute Hello Kitty face in Dr. Pepper burgundy. Retail value $3, minimum bid $2. (free shipping)

Item #22, Hello Kitty magnet

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? (Okay, not everyone does, but I do!!) This is an adorable Hello Kitty magnet in Mountain Dew colors. Retail value is $5. Minimum bid $3.50. (free shipping)

Item #21, Christmas tree ornament

A pretty and funky little Dr. Pepper tree, which is decorated on both sides. Sure to add sparkle to your Christmas decor! Size is 3 7/8 x 4 7/8. Minimum bid $3. (free shipping).

Item #20, lovebird magnet

This cute little bird magnet would love to perch on your fridge (and taunt your cats if you have some!) Her dimensions are 4 7/8 x 4 1/8' - Retail value is $5. Minimum bid $3.50. (free shipping).

More new items! Item # 19 Elephant magnet

This and the previous items were donated by one of my fellow Hello Kitty Junkies. She's trying to get her Eco-Magnet business started, so take a look at the cute magnets and ornament! Made from recycled materials! Here's a happy little elephant-his size is 2 1/8 x 3 1/4' Minimum bid $2 (free shipping)


How long will this auction last????

Since this is the first time I've done this, I had no clue how long to continue the bidding. I'd like to end the bidding on Sunday December 6. If anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open to it!!

Denise, your auction host

New Item!! Cute kitty mugs!

Enjoy your morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with these funky and colorful kitty mugs! How can you resist those faces??
Minimum bid for both $4 (shipping will be paid by the donor).


Item #17 Orangie boy kitty figurine

This handsome boy is looking for his purrfect family. Found on the doorstep of his donor during a bad snow storm, this boy is looking for his furever home.

He stands about 5 inches tall, and promises to bring smiles to his new family every day. He is not a picky eater, and he is litter box trained.
He and the sweet orange girl with the hat and scarf would make a cute couple!
Minimum bid: $2.00


Item #16B, Rainbow crystal necklace

Donated by the lovely angel Amelia and her mom, this beautiful necklace is handmade of rainbow crystals and beads, with dangling pewter kitties. A perfect way to dress up your outfit! Amelia has generously donated THREE necklaces! (See items 16A&C)Value: $35 Minimum bid: $25

Item #16C, Rainbow Bridge crystal necklace

Donated by the lovely angel Amelia and her mom, this beautiful necklace is handmade of rainbow crystals and beads, with dangling pewter kitties. A perfect way to dress up your outfit! Minimum bid: $25

Item #16A, Rainbow Bridge crystal necklace

Donated by the lovely angel Amelia and her mom, this beautiful necklace is handmade of rainbow crystals and beads, with dangling pewter kitties. A perfect way to dress up your outfit!
Minimum bid: $25

Item #15, Furbabies cat or dog treats

Two yummy flavors from Carmen at Furbabies Pet Bakery (www.furbabiespetbakeryetc.com) Here's the scoop on Furbabies treats:
They are made of all natural human- grade ingredients that are low in fat with no preservatives, no added sugars, or sodium.
These oven baked treats are slow cooked, nutritionally dense, Easy to digest the ingredients are limited and easy to understand.
We always use de-boned meat no by products that have no antibiotics or added hormones. They are naturally preserved and all products remain human edible.
The treats shown are Cheezy Chicken and Jungle Chicken (chicken and banana).
Minimum bid for both: $5.00

Item #14, Morgan's Bed

Morgan's Beds are world-famous (in the Catster world) and all the cool cats have one! This pretty and comfy bed was donated by the famous Morgan the Pirate Gato himself. He was once a feral kitten in San Juan, and has a soft spot for ferals. Let your kitty sleep in style in a famous Morgan's Bed!
Shipping on the bed is $8.50, minimum bid is $18.00

Item #13, doggy bandana

Everyone's crazy about a sharp-dressed dog, so take your pup out in style in this red and white bandana with a cute bone and polka-dot design.
Minimum bid $2.00

Item#12, kitty ornament

An adorable Cat Ornament dressed to her Nines (lives).........This pretty kitty could be used all year round to add the purrfect touch to your decor.
This pretty kitty was donated by the beautiful orangie Miss Pooter's.

Minimum bid on Pretty Miss Kitty is:

Item#11, kitty earrings

These sad little guys were hiding in a box, meowing in sadness. They really want to spend their days going to work, shopping at Target, and going to Cat Shows with someone who really loves and appreciates them.

If you are that person - please consider adopting them.
Minimum bid $1.00

Item #10, kitty face key ring

Nothing is more fun than having Kitty Security in charge of your keys. This handsome orangie is more than ready for the job. Well trained in guarding, purring and overall cuteness - he's the man for the job! Minimum bid $5.00


Item #9, Hello Kitty key chain

I'm a Hello Kitty junkie, so I couldn't resist having a few HK things in my auction. This is a small metal key chain from Claire's---keep Hello Kitty's cute face with you on your key ring! Minimum bid

Item#8, Orange cat figurine with hat & Scarf

This little girl is all set for her photo shoot for the Catster Worlds Best Contest. She's very sweet, and gentle, and is looking for a new family.

She really loves to dress up, and she'd like a new room, possibly in your bedroom. She promises to make you smile each morning as she greets you.
Minimum bid $2.00

Item#7, Christmas pup earrings

Meet the handsome Santa Pups - all ready to wiggle their way into your heart. These boys are well behaved, never bark, and will just steal your heart the minute you see them.

They are looking forward to sharing the Dogmas Season with you. Minimum bid $1.00

Item #6, crystal cat

This Crystal Kitty is very sweet, and just looking for her new home. She's been abused by someone who shaved off her whiskers, so she needs a home that understands her slight handicap.

Do you have the "heart" to adopt this special kitty?
Minimum bid $4.00

Item #5, Chococat and Hello Kitty Pez dispensers

More Hello Kitty and friends cuteness!! Share some sweet candy with Hello Kitty and Chococat! Minimum bid $5.00

Item #4, black and white cat earrings

Wear beautiful tuxedo kitties on your ears for the holidays (and any time!) Metal earrings for pierced ears. Minimum bid $3

Item #3, pup cakes from Furbabies bakery

Furbabies pet bakery treats are made from all natural, healthy ingredients, plus added love from Carmen! Treat your dog to some cute goodies!
Minimum bid $3

Item#2, Blank journal

Write down your daily thoughts, poetry, or the Great American Novel in this lined journal with a beautiful cat on the cover.
Minimum bid $2.00

Item #1 Hello Kitty grab bag

A set of too cute Hello Kitty goodies from Target! Includes dry-erase board, playing cards, scented highlighters, socks (which fit my size 10 feet) and pencils. Great for HK fans! Minimum bid $3.00